North  American  Association  of  Mold  Professionals

Working to Standardize the Industry

NAAMP  Working for You Everyday!

    NAAMP is an Association that Truly Works for its Members Providing Real  
                                               Membership Benefits!

       NAAMP's mission is to further its members careers through powerful  
                  legislation superior membership benefits and support.

New mold law legislation is everyone's business. One unchecked law, one unchecked rider attached to a legislative bill can put Mold Professionals out of business in that state for one year or more. In every state we must stand vigilant to make sure special interest groups do not cause any of us to loss our livelihoods. 

Our business, is keeping you in business, with better information, better tools and better business practices.


        A Real Association with Real Benefits

There are many association memberships available to mold professionals. The question you need to ask yourself before joining any of them is, "why am I giving these people my money?" What's in it for me?

Association's where originally designed to serve, support and protect their membership. In recent years it seems that thought has been lost and many Associations clearly put themselves before their members.

As a NAAMP member you're able to receive health benefits for you and your family. Discount dental, vision and prescription drug card benefits. Discount business insurances, and through our co-op's we also provide top quality discount marketing support and printing. 

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                 Representation in Every State

The effectiveness of an association is measured by its responsiveness to the issues that affect its members.

As an association that is member operated we understand that your state is the most important state to you, your ability to work and grow as a business are your greatest concerns.  We strive to have state managers representing you, your profession and your best interests in every state. Protecting what you've worked for and earned is our number one priority.

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